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Hello World! Blog – 22nd June 2018


Hey guys! No need to adjust your monitor. Yes Hondworld has just written a blog. Well not Hondworld collectively, but Tom from Hondworld (That’s me). Why the hell would a Honda Parts Supplier/Mechanic want to write a blog you may ask. Well, this will hopefully be one of many to come this year. We aim to share some of our secrets and tips as to why and how we have become a successful and thriving business in an industry that’s constantly keeping its head above water. When it comes to the automotive industry people tend to get carried away with the notion that they are about to get ripped off (and for good reason). The automotive trade is a very competitive market with hundreds (if not thousands) of competing businesses trying to put your money into their pockets. With so many businesses around you are always going to find a bad egg here and there.

Now rather than give away our secrets, I will use this blog space as an avenue to talk about what we do, how we do it and why we offer some of the best deals for mechanical service work and parts in Melbourne and Australia wide.

Today’s blog is just an introduction to get your attention (LOOK AT ME).. now that we have it, stay tuned for some ripper car service deals, parts discounts and tips how to really retain a recurring customer base.

Adios for now!









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