Spare Parts

We proudly provide 3 months warranty on all used parts. There is no warranty on electrical components.


Spare parts

We are currently in the process of acquiring all late model car parts to provide you with the premium service you require. Purchasing new parts from dealerships can be pricey at times so at Hondworld we aim to supply you with any late model car part you require at just a fraction of the new part cost.


Panel parts

We aim to provide you with the best quality panel parts we can possibly provide. The process in which we follow is to source the part you require (whether it be a bonnet, guard or bumper bar) at our one acre location. The part is then checked, examined and then transferred to our dispatch department where it is either delivered to your door in metropolitan Melbourne via our friendly delivery drivers, or dispatched interstate via our trustworthy and experienced courier companies at a discounted rate.

We aim to primarily provide you with genuine car parts but at times we understand that some parts are becoming very rare to find (such as early model parts). In times like this we are able to reach out to our network of used parts dealers to source the part you need otherwise we can easily provide you with a brand new aftermarket product.

We understand the importance of finding the panel part you need in a particular colour to save the cost of having it painted. Although we cannot promise that the part we provide will come in the same colour you need, we do take into cosideration the colour you require and definitely keep it mind when your parts are being picked.


Mechanical parts

We understand that at times you may require a mechanical part for your vehicle due to wear and tear. All our mechanical parts are in excellent condition and are removed from cars we wreck in-house, at our Clayton location. Mechanical parts such as alternators, distributors and starter motors are all checked and tested to ensure that you receive a well working and reliable car part.